Speakers For Laptops - Lenovo M0520 2.0 Speaker (black)

If you crave for uninterrupted and distortion free sound and want to enjoy your music and movies to the fullest, then you must avail the Lenovo M0520 2.0 Speaker. Lenovo is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to electronics and this speaker set is testimony to the brand's name as well. This versatile Lenovo speaker is endowed with features that increase the product usability and guarantees to provide you with crystal clear sound quality. So, before you go ahead and make this Lenovo speaker yours, here is a quick glance at the features that this product has to offer. Key features of the Lenovo M0520 2.0 Speaker This speaker set is extremely portable and compatible. These Speakers also sport a sophisticated design that complements your style and experience. The stylish speakers are lightweight, therefore, ideal to carry around to listen to music or watch movies even while on the go The Lenovo M0520 2.0 Speaker has a 2.0 channel configuration which provides an excellent and powerful output of 6 W RMS. As this speaker comes with two satellites, this aspect enhances the sound quality and helps to provide rich and undistorted sound This Lenovo speaker can be easily connected to personal computers or laptops with the aid of a 3.5 mm stereo jack or the USB connectivity option that is provided with the set The total power output of this speaker is 2W The Subwoofer (Width x Height x Depth) is 124 x 230 x 116 mm The Satellite (Width x Height x Depth) is 124 x 116 x 230 mm This Lenovo speaker comes with a one year manufacturer warranty This Lenovo speaker is now available on the internet. Therefore, you can easily buy Lenovo M0520 2.0 Speaker online, without any hassle to enjoy clear and rich sound that you deserve.

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