Computer Accounting With Tally 7.2

Table Of Contents: Contents: Part A 1. Introduction; 2. Accounting System;3. Inventory Control System; 4. Payroll System Part B 1. Starting with Tally 7.2; 2.Creating Accounts Masters; 3. Creating Inventory Masters; 4. Entering Accounts Vouchers; 5. Entering Inventory Vouchers; 6. Introduction to VAT (Value Added Tax); 7. Ledgers and VAT; 8. More on VAT; 9. VAT Documents and Reports; 10. Introduction to TDS; 11. Display/Reports in Tally; 12. The Collaborative Tally; 13. The Administrative Tally A. Fundamentals of Accounting; B. Fundamentals of Inventory; C. Keyboard Shortcuts; D. Practical Project; E. Service Tax in Tally Subjects: Computer Science and IT,Office Automation

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