Speakers For Laptops - Ubon Multimedia Speakers For Pc/laptop/mobile(color May Vary)

The remarkable result of technologies that produce balanced stereo sound over a wide area. Experience consistent coverage thats unmatched by most conventional speakers that radiate sound into the room in a single direction. This technology allows you to enjoy room filling music from speakers designed for higher durability, greater efficiency and superior power handling.

INR 154.00

Speakers For Laptops - Philips In-spa25a/94 Notebook Usb Speakers (blue)

This system has 3W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

INR 364.00

Speakers For Laptops - Terabyte 2.0 Multimedia Speakers, Model E-02b (m_edge_7)

Length: 9 cm Width: 15 cm Height: 9 cm Weight: 245 gm

INR 139.00

Speakers For Laptops - Redgear Mini 2.0 Usb Speakers (black)

This system has 3W RMS total output power. RMS refers to Root Mean Square which is a typical measurement of audio power or rather, the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, which is measured in watts. The amount of electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power that is generated. The higher the wattage, the better the sound power emitted by the speaker.

INR 264.00

Speakers For Laptops - Iball Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers, Black

iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers, Black Compact yet powerful speakers Your search for top quality music speakers that come with powerful sound producing capacity and a compact design which makes them portable in nature ends with the iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers. These compact 2.0 multimedia speakers are easy to carry thanks to their lightweight feature while the stylish design makes them look distinctive. The sturdy body offers higher durability. These speakers can be powered using USB, so you can comfortably listen to your favourite audio. The 2 individual speakers have been integrated with one another using 2 inch drivers. Better sound throw and compatibility   ...

INR 289.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M20w 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

Overview: High end 2.1 multimedia sound system with classic styling and wood cabinets. When we first looked at getting into the multi media speaker market we looked at what was available from other manufactures. What we found were cheap drivers housed in plastic boxes driven by inexpensive amplifiers. The boomy subwoofer masked the anemic sound of the satellites. Turn the subwoofer off and you got the true picture. So we decided to build multimedia speakers using wood cabinets, high quality drivers and a decent amplifier. The M20 uses a response 3"driver and a 6"subwoofer in wood cabinets. Wood is much more effective dampening back wave transmission than plastic. The amplifier doesn't skimp on parts. The result is a surprising quality of sound for  ...

INR 15,740.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M50w 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

This newly designed 2.1 music system is suitable for PC, XBOX360, PS3, iPod, DVD, CD as well as high-fidelity music listening systems and shock gaming systems. M50W is HiVi's new generation of 2.1 high-fidelity multimedia system. The system was uniquely designed using 2.0 speaker design principles on 2.1 speaker products in order to create high-quality audio terminal for desktop near-field use. M50W has a classical design with walnut finish and piano lacquer trim. The 2.1 system was designed with high-quality audio playback as it's primary purpose. It uses 2-way front speakers plus an independent subwoofer channel as it's design structure. M50W applies an aluminum hard-dome tweeter on the front speakers to increase high-frequency resolution and clarity; 3" drivers that give  ...

INR 22,899.00

Xmini 2 - Charging / Audio Cable For X-mini Stereo Series Speakers Such As X-mini Max Ii Xam7-b Portable Capsule Speakers

This is the original Stereo charge/audio cable that comes with our Stereo Series speakers such as X-mini MAX II Capsule Speaker. You can use it with 2 X-mini II (mono) Capsule Speakers or X-mini v1.1 Capsule Speakers for a stereo effect as well.

INR 2,037.00

2way Speaker - Pair Kicker 41kss674 6. 75" 250w Car Component Speakers+pair 200w 2-way Speakers

Kickerponent systems offer a substantial upgrade from stock drivers no matter the installation. It s the solution for under-performing factory audio systems a mobile system pack with high power handling and volume levels, flexible mounting as aponent system or premium coaxials, and near-live reproduction of any type of music. The vocals ande through without any coloration, especially on the high end, natural, accurate and uncolored sound. Ponent systems feature supreme flexibility by providing multiple installation options to achieve better imaging, including the opportunity to construct a quick, drop-in coaxial upgrade. The woofers bullet-phasee out and special adapters and tweeters screw in for a speedy solution to coaxial sound. Features: pair of kicker 41kss674 6. 75" component car speaker system power  ...

INR 71,943.00

6.5 Inch Speaker - Blaupunkt - Gt Power 65.2c - 6.5 Inch 2 Way Component Speakers (260 W)[pair Of Speakers]

This GT Power Series 65.2 c component speaker system features 6-1/2" polypropylene woofer cones that deliver accurate, full-bodied sound. Separate Mylar semi-dome tweeters reproduce the vocal and instrumental details smoothly and cleanly. The 3-ohm impedance safely draws a little more power from your car radio or amplifier. And the signature blue color offers a look as distinct as Blaupunkt's legacy sound.

INR 3,500.00

Soundpeats Bluetooth Speaker Portable 10w Wireless Speakers With 10 Hours Play Time, 360 Degree Surround Sound Stereo Speakers, Built-in Mic, Touch Control, Strong Bass, Bluetooth 4.1, Dual 5w Drivers

360° omni-directional premium stereo sound?: Cylindrical design with dual opposite facing speakers offers a clear, 360° stereo sound from all directions. Enjoy HD stereo sound with a impressive volume whether you're lounging around the house, partying, walking around, camping, hiking, or even biking.

INR 1,990.00

Jbl Ceiling Speakers - Bosch Lbd0606 Ceiling Speakers

Bosch provides a complete range of ceiling loudspeakers suitable for both speech and music reproduction in departmental stores, schools, sports halls, hotels, restaurants, public address applications and for any other general Features • Power handling capacity - 6 Watts • Excellent frequency response • High sound pressure level • Wide opening angle • In-built 100V line matching transformer • Contemporary aesthetic grill design • Compact size • Optimised for music & speech applications • Ideal for mounting on false ceilings

INR 700.00

Jbl Ceiling Speakers - Jbl 8128 | 8in Full-range In-ceiling Loudspeaker (4 Speakers)

JBL Professional Control Contractor Ceiling Speakers deliver high power handling, overload protection and exceptional sound level capability and are packaged as complete assemblies, including integral backcan, front grille and tile bridge support hardware. Innovative design features such as titanium-coated tweeters and JBL’s unique diffraction-horn loading provide broad, even coverage throughout the listening area. Installation of JBL Control Contractor Ceiling Speakers is quick and easy and can be accomplished without requiring access above the ceiling. Bracketry for suspended ceilings is included. The speaker is held securely in place via mounting ears which rotate into position and lock into place. Inputs are attached to a removable locking connector (included) which can be prewired before installing for ultra-fast snap-on installation. This model contain  ...

INR 47,551.95

Best Gaming Speakers - Honor 5x (silver)

Product Description Brand : BuyBox® 100% Brand New and High Quality About This Product : Features Overview: Plug the Sound Adapter into your USB port, and then plug your headphones into the Adapter. 7.1 Channel sound without the investment in a whole set of speakers! Tired of trying to stretch your cables around the back of your computer? Plug this Adapter into a USB port on the front, and use the headphone jack (for output) or the microphone jack (for input). The USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter is a highly flexible audio interface which can be used either with desktop or notebook systems. Comes bundled with Xear 3D Sound simulation software, and turns your stereo speaker or  ...

INR 11,500.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M200mkiii

What's new about the M200MKIII one might ask? What isn't. Everything has been changed with the exception that the design still includes the same German fiber dome tweeter as previous revisions. From the new amplifier and driver designs to the solid cherry wood side panels and inscribed commemorative plaque on the back of the speaker, the special edition design is truly like a M200 on steroids . A brand new long-throw 5 Œ" woofer was designed to take full advantage of the increased power output allowing for deeper bass and a broader dynamic. The amplifier was completely redesigned into a 4 channel amplifier bi-amping the tweeter / woofer in each cabinet separately while supplying twice as much power as the  ...

INR 35,699.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M200mkii

The M200MKII active speaker system is Swans' classic Hi-end multimedia loudspeaker and an international performance, value, and popularity leader. When we say you can hear the difference, we mean it. The M200MKII active speaker system is Swans' classic Hi-end multimedia loudspeaker and an international performance, value, and popularity leader. It's been almost a decade since Swans first realized the full potential of computer sound with the classic M200. Originally designed as a compact active monitor, the M200 has gone on to became one of the most noteworthy Hi-end multimedia speakers in the world. M200MKII is the new generation of classic M200. Swans endowed the M200MKII Professional Multimedia Monitor System with the same premium acoustic design as we did our best  ...

INR 21,289.00

Swan Speakers - Swans D1010-iv

Overview The new horn tweeter and low-frequency diffusion effectively enhance the sound quality, allowing the sound wave to focus within the prime listening region to the audiences, sending crystal clear and distinctive sound that is pleasing to the ears. The built-in double molded port-tube makes the cabinet more robust, which naturally decrease the low frequency distortion and increase the clarity and pureness. The main features of D1010-IV are the upgraded drivers and amplifier circuits, HIVI spent a course of full year to optimize functions of treble and bass of the speaker as well as re-designing the electronic crossover circuits. The 4-inch bass D1010-IV plays an excellent low frequency that exceeds the previous performance to reach the next level of sound  ...

INR 9,607.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M100mkii (bluetooth)

Overview HiVi M100MKII is heritage of classic, now, years later, the blend of classical, fusion of fashion, combined with the process of the times, M100MKII is undoubtedly the continuation of the classic, more ways of connections for users to play M100MKII from PC / smartphone / tablet computer's music / video and game sound; M100MKII will become another favorite entertainment tool for audio users. Specifications General Data Model: HiVi M100MKII System Series: Professional Crossover Multimedia Speaker 2.0System Acoustic System System Type: Two-way 4th order vented speaker system Drivers Configuration: 4" woofer?0.8" tweeter Frequency Range: 60Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 82dB (2.83V/1m) Nominal Impedance: 6? Power Range: 10-60 W Amplifiers System Rated Power: 30W RMS/Channel?60W RMS/Dual Channel Frequency Range: 60Hz-20kHz Input Max: 3000mV Active  ...

INR 15,999.00

Swan Speakers - Swans D1080-iv (pair)

Rich texture of low-frequency is the most advantage of Swans D1080 series. Upon this advantage comes D1080-IV, a new generation of D1080, it also enhances the bass unit. The LM5N woofer of Swans M200MKIII which is strongly sought after by users is applied to the new generation of D1080-IV, this alone can be a glimpse of strong bass of D1080-IV.

INR 34,999.00

Swan Speakers - Swans M10 (black)

2.1 high-end multimedia speaker system designed for music, gaming, and movies. The classy Piano black casing makes the Swans M10 a truly vogue product. Swans M10 adopts acoustic friendly real wood enclosure, keeping resonance to a minimum. Whether connected to your PC as a stand alone speaker or to your iPhone / iPod as a portable speaker, the M10 delivers impressive sound quality. The Swans M10 is a 3 way 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system. The satellite speaker is composed of a 3" midrange-woofer coupled with natural fiber soft dome tweeter that are responsible for the 120Hz - 20kHz frequency range. To complete the set, a separate 5" long excursion subwoofer with specially optimized Thiele / Small parameters is designed  ...

INR 8,456.00

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